Early Shift

I had to wake up at a brutal 2:55 am. There was a 2 at the beginning of my wake up time this morning. I felt awful, I had that stomach ache you only get when you wake up too damn early, head ache, and was just very very tired. I needed to be at work by 4am for the weekly load that comes in. The only perk to arriving at 4 am is that you finish almost before the sun rises. I worked my shift, (very long shift) and headed home. I ate a chicken salad with salsa as the dressing for lunch. Then hit the couch to watch some TV and veg for a few hours.

I wanted to do a little run with my stepson, but I was just too tired and sore. Plus I think I worked for about 3 hours lifting 40’s (30-40lb bags of dog food…so much fun) is sufficient exercise for the day. I know my back will be sore tomorrow morning. It always is. I gave in to temptation and had pizza for dinner. Only 2 slices, and we got everything (except anchovies) it was delicious. Now to settle in with a nice beer from Widmer, I really like the hoppyness this beer has to it. It has that great ale “bite” you look for. Yum and would highly reccommend.

I have this same shift next Wednesday, maybe if I go running right when I get home I won’t have to call it a “day off”. I hate making excuses, but sometimes I’m just lazy! I need to get in a 5er this week, and a steady 3miler at pace. I also want to hike on Saturday. Sounds like my week is planned out for me.




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