Level II my A$$

On the agenda today was dropping off my stepson at school, then heading over to a local yoga studio for the 9am Level II class.  I really like this instructor, I think the Level II is even on the easy side sometimes.  She just opened up the studio, so perhaps she is getting the feel on where everyone is at as far as ability goes.  Today she decided to change the Level II to Restorative yoga.  I am all for restorative, but when you look forward to, show up, and pay your class fee for the Level II you expect Level II.  Not restorative.  All the other students there were prepared to do the Level II, how come I was the only one slightly annoyed by the restorative practice?  Ok I’m done bitching…

After yoga I had some greek yogurt, banana, papaya and granola.  It hit the spot.  I watched some TV while folding clothes then met my hubby for lunch at Chipotle.  I completely forgot to take a picture, but I had a fajita burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, barbacoa (seasoned beef), hot and mild salsa and guacamole.  It was so good and I totally ate the whole thing.

I am looking forward to my 1 miler with my stepson later this afternoon.  I always look forward to it, but he’s a typical 11 (almost 12 in a couple of weeks) year old who just wants to play video games.  So I pretty much have to force him to jog with me.  He always freaks out and says his chest is burning when we jog for longer than a minute or two.  We stop, he breathes, then we carry on.  He tells me “It’s because you’re older.  That’s why you don’t breathe hard.”  I explain to him that “You are young and shouldn’t be breathing hard at all.  You need to exercise more when you’re at school in PE.”  We finish about 14-15 minutes later and he’s usually pissed at me for about 30 minutes then comes around and asks what’s for dinner.  It’s a good time being a parent.


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