Fresh legs

Not sure if you noticed, but I haven’t blogged in like 4 days.  I am pretty sure that the wii is now my arch nemesis.  It is the reason my shoulder is in so much dang pain!  After “dancing my booty off” for over an hour the other day, I now know for a fact that is the sole reason why I am in pain.  It also doesn’t help that my job requires me to lift 40-50lb bags of product 2-3 days a week.  It’s called life people.  Ok now 4 days later, and no exercise make for a very antsy and fresh legged Tiffany.

This morning the weatherman predicted it was around 29 degrees.  One of the coldest mornings for sure here in sunny northern California!  I am a California girl to the core, grew up in wine country where the weather was slightly sporatic, but pretty much sunny or mild.  I don’t like cold.  I hate cold.  So I got on my best winter gear, leashed up one of the dogs (today was Klaire), and set my running app as well as picked a good mix of tunes to play on the old iphone. 

The first mile was killer!  It was just so damn cold!  I felt like needles in my legs. (Note to self: invest in some cold weather pants.)  I am not sure how long these cold mornings will go on for, but it seems like they are here to stay for awhile.  I only planned to do 2-3 miles, since I am still kinda rehabbing the darn shoulder injury.  However my 3 mile “loop” is more like a loop with a down and back.  So I ended up doing 4.  I felt pretty good after the first mile, and ended up at around a 9 min/mile pace. 

The running app I have on my phone is very annoying.  I am thinking I need to invest in a Garmin also.  Perhaps it could be something I could ask for, for Valentine’s day.  (Thank you Saint Valentine for making us stop and think about our loved ones in February).  I don’t have an overall time for the 4 mile loop, down and back.  I just know I finished around 37 ish minutes.  Feeling pretty pumped about that.  I meant to just do an easy run.  Once I got started I felt unstoppable.  One of these days I’m gonna hook up with a trainer and that way they can let me know if I am doing this right. 

I also signed up for that Davis Stampede 5k on February 5th.  I knew I was going to run it, but I am kind of a slacker when it comes to actually signing up for and paying the entry fees and such.  I wanted to sign up in time to get the technical tee.  I hate it when they run out and you just get a plain old T-shirt.  Even worse, when they only have smalls…

Tomorrow is yoga. 




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