Dance my booty off

It’s my second day off from work, and since it’s the day before payday, it’s my lounge-around-and-do-as-little-as-possible-day. I succeeded. Here’s what I had for breakfast.

Greek yogurt, granola, and a banana. About an hour later I couldn’t decide what to do today workout wise. I had planned to do a 2 mile tempo run, but it’s so dang cold in the morning. So I opted to stay indoors where I danced my booty off for about an hour using the wii “just dance” game. The hour flew by, and I was completely drenched in sweat at the end. After dancing so hard, I had this for lunch.

Spinach and mixed green salad with cucumber and feta cheese with a balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil dressing, with a side of sockeye salmon. It was delicious and hit the spot.

I then proceeded to watch hoarders and felt the need to clean my entire house. I’m getting ready to go pick up my stepson, then go for a simple 1 mile run with him. Trying to get him into shape for the kids run. Later family night!

Love these lazy Thursdays!


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