injury rehab+info tidbits I thought you’d like to know

The last 4 days have pretty much been a bust aside from kicking some serious butt at a wii dance party!  I don’t think I ever shared exactly how I hurt my arm.  I think it was a combo of too much of a good thing arm work out+yoga+practicing for the wii dance party = Tiff’s arm really hurts for 3 days.  Today my arm feels great in fact….I ran 2 miles!  For a long distance runner, 2 miles is nothing.  I typically try to run 3-5 miles for a short distance.  But with the injury and all I felt like 2 was a good starting point. 

I don’t think I shared that I am kind of in training for a 5k.  I have a few races in  mind this year.  The first being the “Davis Stampede”.  It’s held every year on the first Sunday in February.  2 years ago I ran the half marathon distance.  It was a PR of about 2hrs and 29 minutes.  It was when I was first getting into running and just wanted to finish.  This year is all about the PR!  I feel like in my running career/path etc this is the time to really go for it.  I mean I’m 28 I’m not getting any younger!  Goal for this upcoming 5k get it done in under 30 minutes.  I am a typical 12 min/mile runner.  (you can call me a jogger if you want, it’s all just semantics!) This time will be challenging.  Today I ran the 2 miles in 22:33.  I actually timed it, I feel so official.  That’s the time to beat on my next run.  The 2 mile loop does include a hill.  And I think the davis stampede is relatively flat, so I think that’s perfect! 

Plans for the rest of the week…


Wednesday-easy 3 mile run

Thursday-2 mile tempo run

Friday-easy 5 mile run



I figured if I make it an easy running week I can give my arm/shoulder a break.  And ome back to P90X with a vengence!

Time to shower and relax for a few hours before I’m off to work.


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