Day 5 fail

Thank goodness there is some flexibility with P90X.  Not much, but I figured I could take today which should be my day 5, I could swap it out for my Saturday day off.  There are many reasons why one takes a day off.  They just wanna lounge around and not do anything, previous engagements, cheat day, or the dreaded “I think I hurt my damn shoulder”.  My reason is the last reason.  Damn this flippin shoulder.  I have never ::knocking on wood as I type:: had any injury that lead me to take a day off.  Sure I have taken days off.  I’m human and mostly lazy when I feel like it.  But for a damn injury???  I am pissed!  I really feel like I was in a rhythm.  I am going to try the legs and back video tomorrow if I can stop taking the meds.  I may just skip the back parts of the video (since it’s mostly all pull ups) and just focus on the legs, do ab ripper and then go for a run.  I dunno.  I just know that today is an off day.  An unwanted day off, but a needed day off.  Maybe I am taking on too much?  I still have to go to work which means I will be loading up on ibuprofen since I will spend the majority of the day stocking.


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