Arms and Back + Yoga

Forgive what I’m about to say for I have had 2 glasses of wine.  Feeling pretty good about now.  So on the agenda today was Arms and back plus a yoga sesh at my local yoga studio.  I woke up at 7 so that I could fit in all of the first work out before the yoga session.

Arms and Back

This work out baffles me.  It’s very effective and complex.  Lots of focus on those glamour muscles!  We love working out those muscles the most right?  Well I have done this video the most out of all of them so I know it well.  I do the repeat before they even start the second set of series.  Basically it goes shoulder, bicep, tricep then talk a BUNCH then repeat.  I am not a fan of talking so I fast forwarded through it and finished in about 40 minutes, shaving off about 20 minutes of the work out….I’ll take it!  I finished this work out just in time to head on over to the yoga studio!


Today was all about strengthening the legs to prepare for “crow”.  I was definitely enlightened, but at the same time I pushed passed some of those barriers I had set for myself.  ie I normally don’t grab a block, but today I did, fearful I would be super tight after not practicing much.  Just the opposite occured.  I was more efficient in my forward bends than I ever have been.  It felt great!  I even went into triangle with my leg behind my back and my instructor said “go for it girl, you have the flexibility”.  I  think the fact that I have been practicing on carpet probably has made a big difference in my practice.  The studio has bamboo floors, so I think the hardness really helps me stay aligned and flexible.

Wine for the evening included a local favorite from Lodi, CA called “Earthquake Petite Syrah” from Michael David winery.  I love this wine, so delicious.  I have had it many times.  It is so rich in earthyness (really a word?) and complexity.  Filled with lots of berry flavors.  Maybe some hints of tobacco.  I can’t say it enough…this is my second favorite wine of all time.  I will post something about my first favorite after I have drank a few glasses of it.

Cheers to an awesome Tuesday!


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