Do your best, and forget the rest!

P90X  day 2 on the lean version, also run 2.5 miles.  I did my work out in that order.  Lesson learned, better to run first on fresh legs! 

Cardio X

I really like this video, it’s only 42 minutes so that’s why I added the run to this particular day.  I am thinking I will be running on Mon, Wed/Thur, Friday.  Then yoga on Tuesday, this way I have no work outs on Saturday and Sunday is an easy core day.  I’ll see how long this schedule lasts.  I work in retail, so I could have a completely different schedule next week and throw a wrench in my whole plan.  Back to Cardio X, the reason why I love this video…it has everything.  It starts off with yoga (love yoga, seriously can’t get enough) then kenpo karate, heads on over to plyo land, and ends with core city.  Really love the series, it’s fast paced and doesn’t feel like 42 minutes.  I love the exercises he has chosen for each series and felt really good afterwards.

Run 2.5 miles

I am also training for running a 5k in 4 weeks in under 30 minutes.  Which I know is nothing for those hard core racers out there.  This is definitely a goal I set for my self last year but decided to go for the marathon instead.  What can I say?  I’m an over achiever!  Anyways today’s run went really well, except I definitely felt fatigued running after a work out.  I will try running first on my double work out days.  I didn’t feel like I ran particularily fast, although it probably would have helped if I had timed it.  I just downloaded a map/time tracker for my phone and have yet to use it.  I am in the stone ages when it comes to technology.  I get the whole book on my eReader etc, but I still need to get used to the apps that help me in my day to day

After the work out, came home and fixed myself some greek yogurt (cherry fage, love this stuff…all flavors) and bare naked banana nut granola.  I also threw in some banana slices and ate a whole banana. YUM!  I also downed 12oz of the P90X replenishment drink.  Very delicious!

Later on the menu

Salad with blueberries, apples, feta, nuts and a balsamic mustard vinagrette for lunch

snacks will be hummus and celery, and apple, handful of blueberries and some granola

and dinner will include steamed chicken and broccoli

dessert handful of raw mixed nuts and 85%coacoa chocolate bar

seems like a lot huh?

I’ll try to get the hang of pictures on this thing and see how it goes.  Still getting my feet wet with this thing.


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