P90X Day 1

Today I started P90X. I have set a new challenge myself starting today, and that is to finish this challenging series of work outs. I have chosen to do the lean version. I am also planning on running 3 days a week as well as attending yoga class on Tuesdays like normal.

Core Synergistics

That was the video for day 1. I have done this video many times. I know all of the moves very well. I just have never finished the full 90 days. Today I was able to do almost all of the exercises except the walking pushups for a full 60 seconds. My wrists started hurting, so I decided to back off. And I couldn’t do the leaning lunges with the weights after about 6. So I just did the remaining with out weights. My weights are 8lbs. I have used them forever. I actually had some 10’s awhile back, but (thankfully for now) I lost them.

Overall today was a great day, I am feeling fresh and good to go. Bring it TONY!


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