Bridesmaid dress

Ok guys.  I feel like I have been working non-stop.  My days off had to be all switched up for this month, so I have been working 5 days.  In.  A.  Row.  How do you office people do it?? My usual days off are Sunday and Wednesday.  And working Wednesdays are the worst!  Why do I have to switch up my days off??  Because my cousins are getting married.  Ok that sounded bad.  My 2 cousins are getting married to 2 different guys.  Better?  And they are doing it like 3 weeks apart.  

They did have a joint bridal shower.  

Yay!  Which means I only had to request one Saturday off.  The sister on the right is Kristina, she got married this past Saturday.  Woot!  It was super sweet, and they were doing it Duggar style, no kissing until the wedding day!  Just kidding.  But they did play “everything is awesome” after they pronounced them man and wife.  Cute, right?  

And the bride on the left is my BFF Amandeeuh, we graduated from highschool together, and were totally partners in crime.  Love her!  She is getting married in 3, well now, 2 and a half weeks.  And I’m in her wedding!  I’m super excited for her, but super stressed about fitting into the dress.  

I tried it on right after I bought it, and realized the dress ran small!  Yikes!!  It didn’t zip.  This was about a month ago.  I’ve been keeping up with my workouts, but my eating has been like 60 good, 40 bad.  I didn’t think it was enough to make a difference.  

I tried on the dress last night just as a reminder that I have way less than 3 weeks to go!  

And guess what?? 

It zipped all the way up!


It’s still a little tight in the bust area, story of my life!  But it fits!  Hallelujah!  So I think I’m going to be trying on the dress every couple of days to remind myself that I need to be consistent with my diet.  

Speaking of eating right, I actually sat down and tracked everything I ate yesterday.  I went into it thinking “ok Tiffany, just track everything, and let’s make it a good eating day.”  By noon I had consumed 1100 calories!!!  Holy crap!  I’m eating that much??  Did you know tangerines are like 50 calories each??  I usually eat like 3 on my break, with some string cheese.  So, there I have it.  My healthy eating is good, but I have to cut back on portions!  So goal for the week, track every calorie, every day!  And then weigh myself on Saturday.  And also don’t go overboard on Easter!  

So I have less than 3 weeks to get my butt in gear.  Thank god the dress fits, but I really want to be comfy for the wedding!  

Anyone else attending multiple weddings this year??


Day dreaming…

I have been having some major baby fever lately. I don’t know if it’s just that Dom is about to turn 14 months and time has flown by, so it makes me want to add another. Look at this face!!



So now it’s all about convincing my amazing husband that it’s a good idea.

I’ve also been day dreaming about tattoos. I really, REALLY want to get a running tattoo. Here’s a few ideas I’ve been thinking about.


And I was thinking of adding a watercolor element to it, like the colors in this.


There’s actually a tattoo artist in SF that specializes in this type of tattoo style. I’m hoping to contact her in a few months when she’s accepting new clients, and get an appointment.

This past week I also made time for one of my high school besties.


We have literally known each other for 18 years! Wow, I’m getting old!! Love her, and so glad I made time to have lunch with her.

And every Wednesday on my day off, I have been making time for my boys with a froyo date.


Anybody else have baby fever? Or tattoo fever?


Painting, Carlo turned 15, And I got my hairs cut

Hey guys!

I have been slightly distracted with making sure I stay the course with my New Years resolutions. First off spending more time with friends and family.

Wine tasting with some of my girl cousins


Girly day with my mom


We got our hairs cut! I just got a trim, so the transformations isn’t super dramatic.





I’m really trying to schedule at least one lunch a month with a friend or family member. 1 month in, and so far so good! It just seems like by thanksgiving I see everyone, and it’s been a year since I’ve seen anyone.

Carlo’s birthday was super awesome! He went to the movies for the first time by himself with a friend, and then they stayed up all night playing video games. We also had a family lunch at Carlo’s favorite restaurant in SF, Straw. It’s a carnival themed restaurant, and has REALLY, REALLY good food!





I had the most amazing BLT I have ever had, ever.

I started reading Amy Poehler’s new book.


It’s funny, and really interesting. Loving it so far.

I also started painting in the evenings after Dom goes to sleep. I finished this one last night.


I’m kind of obsessed with it. It’s the perfect way to relax at the end of the night, and maybe not just watch TV.

How’s your New Years resolutions going? Celebrating any birthdays?


More about drinkrunyoga

Hey guys, so here’s another YouTube video I made. It talks a little about my running background. And I think I said that I loooooooove running about 5 times. And said “what I’m all about” 3 times…haha! Then a little more about my injury, and my beachbodymommy work outs.

I hope you enjoy it!



We headed to Pacifica this past weekend to celebrate hubby’s nana’s birthday. I made sure to get a family photo by the beach.


And of course grabbed some taffy!



So! You guys!!

Since I’ve started running twice a week, I have lost about 23 pounds! Now this is since August. 23 pounds in 4 months is AWESOME!! I have really been trying to just be consistent with working out, and making good choices for breakfast and lunch. I pretty much took the entire month of December off, except for running. And I still feel like it lost a couple of pounds last month. I’m not sure, since I basically avoid the scale and try to gauge my progress with how my clothes fit.

This morning Daphne and I got in a solid 2 miles.


Check out my time! What, less than 11 minutes a mile? So happy!

It was super foggy on my street.


And I wore this new “hoo rag” that my hubby bububby got for me.


It’s super light weight, and can be worn like 23 different ways.

Daphne and I talked about doing this run


You guys all know that I wasn’t really impressed with the color run. I literally had to dump colored cornstarch on myself to get any color on myself. I figured since Daphne really wanted to try it, and was excited about it, I would give a themey race another try.

Has anyone done a color vibe run? Thoughts?


Day 13

Hey guys!

Tomorrow marks day 13 for me with the bikini body mommy work outs!


I am really tired in this picture. It was one of the first days of waking up at 5am. And At this point we got Dom in the crib in his own room, and he pretty much wakes up when I finish my shower. Perfect!

I’m obsessed. I love that I feel like I can get a great work out in 20 minutes. I love that Brianna works hard, and still can’t do half the moves all the way through. I love that I’m sore the next day. Like seriously, omg I’m so sore. And I love that it’s free! Look her up on YouTube you will not be sorry.

I have also been running about 3 times a week. And Wednesday Daphne and I ran 4 miles!!!! They were super slow! But they were ran by Daphne and I pushing a stroller.



<img src="" alt="IMG_9781.PNG" class="alignnone size-

So much hurt! I'm pretty sure I need to put air in the tires if my stroller. We have been tossing around the idea of running a 10k in 2 weeks. I think I have decided that I want to do the 5k, and shoot for the 10k in another race. I ❤️ running. And I think the love is infectious, because Daphne is excited about running some road races this year. I just want to make sure that we do it right, and we don't get injured.

These babies have been energizing me on my runs.


I have never even considered new balance as a legit running show brand. Not sure why. I have just always ran in asics, brooks, and most recently mizunos. So far, I love them! Pregnancy has made my feet even wider than they were before. Like super wide! I’m ok with that. I basically am just happy they make some shoes that are kinda cute that fit me.

I love that running is in my exercise routine again. Not only running, but building some mileage. I am so happy right now.

Some of the goals I have this year

Run to be happy

Run a few road races

Read more!!

Be nicer

Blog more

I learned a long time ago that setting specific weight loss goals set myself up for failure. Instead I just want to continue this workout schedule, and just focus on being more healthy.

And yes I want to make sure I’m tracking my work outs at least once a week on the blog. I want to say “I’m going to blog 6 days a week”. But I just can’t commit to that anymore. I find myself overwhelmed easily nowadays when I commit to too much. I find so much pleasure in blogging. I love reading my past fitness related blog posts. Maybe I could commit to one family related post, and one fitness related one? Still thinking about it. I find that I do things more organically when it comes to fitness and the blog. Sometimes I make these huge proclamations like “I’m going to go to yoga 3 times this week!” Then I make every excuse to not go to a yoga class. I just have to do what feels right, and enjoy doing it. I have also been throwing around the idea of starting my own YouTube channel to track my progress. I’ll keep you posted!

How’s everyone doing on their New Years resolutions?

Dom’s birthday party!

These past few weeks have been filled with lots of planning and getting everything together for Dom’s very important first birthday. Not to mention the 3 nights before the party I literally baked for up to 5 hours a night. I now have a hate relationship with cake pops. And no, I don’t want any advice, because I tried everything, and they still fell apart. Back to the party. My jumping off point was to get my new Friend daphne to make Dom a bunting flag banner with his name on it.




I took some yarn, and some clothespins I got from the dollar store, and made the 2 photo banners above and below the cake one to showcase his smash cake photo shoot.

I also picked up this banner from target, and just added the lettering with my chalkboard pens.



We also played a few games. I had a “pin the hat on the baby” game. I went to kinkos and asked for the $9 blown up black and white picture. They had me email them, and it was printed like 30 seconds later.



I just cut out some triangles from some construction paper, then taped the hats once the kids placed the hat.

We also had a selfie booth with lots of props. We just taped up some birthday wrapping paper. It was a huge hit! I asked the guests to post the selfies to Facebook, and whoever got the most likes, won!





The winner had over 200 likes! Such a great hit!

We also did a prediction game with Dom. It’s common in the Korean culture to set 5 items in front of a 1 year old, each representing a profession, and the baby picks one that he will grow up to be!








He chose doctor!! I guess we better start saving up for college. We got the guests involved by having them guess what he will choose. Then picking a winner from the doctor jar!

I also set up his sign and a time capsule at the entry. The time capsule was meant for the guests to write down some advice on a piece of paper and put in a jar to be opened up when he turns 18. It’s currently in our safe, and I can’t wait to read it with him on the 18th birthday!




I started planning this party about 4 weeks before the party. If I could do anything different it would be to plan the party in October, not the peak of the Christmas season. There was over 60 guests and 20 kids. It was so fun. I’m so glad I put in every effort to make the party special. And hopefully Dom can look back and see how great his 1st birthday party was!

Now to write the thank you cards!