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18 weeks!

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Hey guys! How’s your week going? Mine is crazy and full of stress, but I’m still getting at those bikinibodymommy work outs. If you are short on time and looking for something challenging and relatable, check her out on YouTube and her website I’m on day 9 of her challenge 2.0, and I love love love it!

Here’s the shot of her on Facebook from this morning!


I’m seriously obsessed and having fun.

And guess what I got for Mother’s Day?


I’m hoping to step up my breakfasts with some green smoothies. I’m going grocery shopping this morning for some staples. And I’m hoping with the awesome new blender that my smoothies will be tasting amazing. I’ll keep you posted!

And here’s the 18 week pics



I just love how happy he is all. The . Time.

Anybody else have a ninja? What’s your favorite green smoothie recipe??

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I am an adventurous 28 year old who is fascinated with health and how to make herself better. I like to challenge myself and enjoy life.

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  1. My hubs makes us green smoothies often in the morning. he throws all kinds of stuff in there..spinach, kale, cucumber, banana, frozen berries of all kinds. they are pretty good but there have been a few that we call “dirt smoothies”…too much green stuff, not enough fruit for flavour! so watch your ratios! have fun! Little D has such a great smile! :)


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